What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology (AT) is any device used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

Enhances Learning
Supports Daily Living
Increases Socialization
Every Person Has Different Needs
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Low tech AT are devices or equipment that don't require much training and do not have complex or mechanical features. Items & equipment to help people work, study, and engage in recreation, such as enlarged highlighters, sticky notes, computer keyboards, and reachers.


AT devices or equipment that range in the middle may have some complex features, may be electronic or battery operated, and may require some training to learn how to use. Examples include voice over, enlarged letters, contrast settings, phone & iPad apps, key & phone trackers, lifts, grab bars, flashing smoke detectors, lever doorknobs, and environmental controls.


High Tech AT refers to the most complex devices or equipment, that have digital or electronic components, may be computerized, will likely require training to learn how to use. A few examples include dedicated computerized devices & software, augmentative communication devices (AAC) (aka. speech generating devices), voice amplifiers, and advanced switch interfaces.



We work with individuals, families/care givers and educators to identify the most effective technology for a person’s abilities, learning needs, preferred tasks, and learning environments.


We teach people of all ages the use of appropriate assistive technology software and devices and items.


Train staff and families on the use of selected AT software and devices and strategies to support the A.T. learner.


Identify and recommend sources of AT and assist with acquisition.


Technical assistance configuring devices and software for the needs and preferences of the individual.



We work with individuals, families, care givers, and educators to determine a person’s abilities, learning needs, preferred tasks, and learning environments.


We assess individuals to identify the most effective tools and technology for their abilities and accessibility needs.


We provide individual training for people of all ages in the use of appropriate assistive/adaptive technology software, devices, and items.

Our solutions have a broad range to fit each individual's needs.

We have specialized skills to help you.

Daniel Callahan


Daniel is the co-founder and lead assistive technology professional of CallahanATDS. He intensely researches assistive and emerging technology and is committed to ensuring technology enhances, engages, and motivates all those he serves. He brings with him both the background of providing direct services and educational expertise working for agencies and schools as an assistive technology specialist and adults with disabilities teacher. He is a dedicated teacher and family man who has spent his entire career directly teaching those with disabilities. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Behavioral Sciences and a Master’s of Science in Assistive Technology and Human Services.

    Trudy Callahan


    Trudy is the managing director and an assistive technology specialist of CallahanATDS. She brings her love of finding and sharing innovative technology solutions and disability advocacy from the many years of comittee involment and experience working with and improving the lives of people with disabilities. Her vast and varied experiences range from direct care, supervising and administration to resource development, quality assurance, and teaching disability laws and regulations. While working full-time and raising a family, she built on her experience by earning a Bachelor’s of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development and a Master’s of Science in Assistive Technology and Human Services.


      We are dedicated to finding assistive technology and adaptive solutions for a wide range of ages and disabilities.


      CallahanATDS, LLC is a growing company of dedicated and experienced professionals who love creating innovative technology solutions that work! By constantly improving our fundamental skills and knowledge and embracing emerging technology, we strive to help individuals, families, and organizations discover lasting and innovative technology solutions we all deserve! The purpose of Callahan ATDS, LLC services, is to promote the health and well-being of people with disabilities through assessment and training in the use of assistive technology as a means of learning functional skills such as to acquire, restore, transform or advance their function in the areas of communication, independence, work readiness, self-regulation, self-care and daily living skills.


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      They provide excellent evaluations and recommendations for products and services to help with my visual challenges!


      My brother can't speak and has limited communication abilities. It is amazing that Mr. Callahan has customized the iPad to his motor skills. He has accomplished this with great patience and respect.

      SUSAN B.

      Client's Family
      If you have a disability like I do and are willing to learn, these are the best people to teach the new things about computer systems!




      Assistive Technology assessment costs vary depending on numerous factors.

      The Extent of Solutions Sought
      If Observations Are Needed Meeting Attendance Necessary If A Written Report Is Required


       Regional Center: NLCRC Vendor # PL1453
      Schools and School Districts: NPA ID: 1A-19-606
      Private Pay arrangements: Please contact us directly (Generic rate 100 per hour)
      Please Visit: North Los Angeles Regional Center Website
      Services and Regulations for People with Developmental Disabilities
      Please Visit: State of California Department of Developmental Services Website

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